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You’ve spent a lifetime developing a successful, client-focused practice while helping clients realize their dreams. Now it’s time to think about the future of your own firm.

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Succession Planning Solutions

Finding the right successor and creating an actionable plan to put in place is no easy task. Selling or transitioning a practice can be a difficult, tenuous, and sometimes very emotional process. However, the difficulty of the task only serves to underscore its importance. Planning for the continued success and legacy of all that you have built must be a priority for any business owner.

Every advisor should ask him or herself two important questions. If you can’t confidently answer both, you’ve got some work to do.

icon_1If you went to sleep tonight and didn’t wake up, would you entrust your firm with the ongoing management of your family’s wealth?

If the answer isn’t a resounding YES, then reflect and think about what your firm needs to get you there.

icon_2Do you really know what your firm is worth?

Is it actually worth what you think it is? If you’re not sure, beginning the succession planning process with a business valuation should be a priority.

On-demand succession planning

Carson Institutional Alliance provides a structured, on-demand succession solution for Alliance Partners. Our Alliance Successions process provides you with:

  • A succession plan on your timeline with defined terms and surety
  • Equity and autonomy until the point of monetization
  • Consistent, continuous service to your clients now and in the future
  • Path and back-office resources to support exponential firm growth
  • Partner with a proven track record of success; inducted into Barron’s inaugural Hall of Fame