Do you provide customized portfolio management?

Customizing investment solutions for every client is a loss-leading activity. Do you know why?


Find out why

Strategic Investment Solutions & Expertise

Investment products and outsourcing solutions

“I don’t have enough time to dedicate to research and portfolio management and I don’t have the resources to add a research department.”


“I’d rather spend less time on research and portfolio management, and more time with clients–without sacrificing performance or investment options.”

Client experience and wealth management process solutions

“While we provide outstanding service, I/my team need(s) a more consistent and strategic process around providing investment management services.”


“How can I show my clients the value we provide versus what a robo-advisor does for them?”

Our approach to wealth management is simple: we revolutionize the client wealth experience

We believe the client wealth experience should be revolutionary–both for advisors and for clients. Our approach to investing emphasizes the idea of personalization over customization and is built upon our True Wealth philosophy, which focuses on helping clients discover what’s most important to them—and then helping them stay the course. Our investment experience encompasses both investment process and investment products.


Our True Wealth Philosophy

Our method for uncovering a client’s  True Wealth is thorough, precise and personalized. We call our approach the “Wealth Designed. Life Defined.” process – to help you understand our methodology in helping clients reach a higher purpose for their wealth.

Proven Investment Process

From the first hint of a lead to the initial prospect conversation, all the way through conversion to client, Carson Group partners have a consistent, systematically applied process to deliver our unique Investment Experience.  Our experience encompasses holistic financial planning, portfolio management, and Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) solutions. We call this this unique investment experience the Wealth Designed. Life Defined™ Process.

Partners and clients know what to expect at every step; our personalized, process-driven investment experience is scalable for any client—and for any Partner to deliver.

What makes the Carson Group Partners investment experience different?

  • Personalization
  • Education
  • Access
  • Ongoing Proactive Communication

Improve your client experience and increase efficiency with a more well-defined wealth management process.

Wealth Designed. Life Defined.™ Investment Process

We follow an optimized 4-step investment process to simplify the investment experience and make it a positive experience for all involved.

icon_1   Identify Goals

Get to know clients at a deeper level, using our proprietary system and tools. Determine risk tolerance and long-term financial goals and objectives to develop the foundation of the client wealth plan.

icon_2   Develop Financial Plan

Conduct a portfolio stress test and design a personalized financial plan using our industry-leading technology.

icon_3   Select Investment Strategies

Educate clients on the investment strategies available, and make personalized portfolio recommendations.

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icon_4   Transparent Communication

Once a client’s financial plan is set in motion, client and advisor define the preferred communication strategy. Proactive, transparent communications and unparalleled service are the cornerstone of the Carson Group Partners wealth experience.