Asset Allocation Strategies for Portfolio Management

Education is the key to transparency and we want advisors and clients alike to understand our investment process and strategies. Advisors need to understand the importance of personalization over customization in improving the efficiency of their business. Clients need to understand what their advisor is doing and why he or she is doing it because these important financial decisions directly impact their life.

Disciplined Investment Management

Disciplined asset allocation strategies are the foundation of our investment management process. Our process-driven, time-tested strategies are managed by our Investment Committee, comprised of a dedicated team of portfolio managers as well as fundamental and technical analysts and strategists.

Irreplaceable Capital

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Advance & Protect

  • Tactical, actively managed, absolute return
  • Disciplined, repeatable 4-step investment process
  • Downside protection focused


Swan Defined Risk

  • Absolute return
  • Market neutral
  • Downside protection focused



  • Tactical, actively managed, absolute return
  • Disciplined, repeatable 4-step investment process
  • Downside protection focused

Protector Model

Protector Series

Protector Series

The Protector Series of strategies are designed with portfolio protection in mind. Allocations will be selected based on their alignment with the research team’s long-term asset allocation outlook and the risk level of the portfolio.


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Day Hagan Tactical Dividend

  • Dividend yield focused
  • Tactical
  • Long only equity

Eaton Vance

  • More allocation options for clients
  • Fee flexibility and increased competitiveness
  • Customizable and scalable

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Fixed Income

  • Tactical fixed income management
  • Price appreciation after capital preservation

Strategic Income Model

This strategy may be appropriate for those looking to generate income through various investment opportunities in the bond market.

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Write Income

  • Yield focused
  • Sector weighted


All Seasons Tactical

As the markets move up and down, All Seasons Tactical is designed to navigate these changes. This strategy attempts to invest in stocks and bonds that are moving up while avoiding those going down.

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Focused Energy

The Focused Energy strategy invests in alternative energy sources such as shale drilling, off shore drilling, natural gas and other nontraditional energy sources.

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Global Horizons

Global Horizons invests in companies around the world who generate the majority of their growth from foreign markets.

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LongTerm Trend

For investors looking for growth and have longer time horizons, LongTerm Trend may be a strategy to consider. This strategy invests in large companies deemed undervalued with significant growth potential over 3-5 years.

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Perennial Growth

Similar to LongTerm Trend, Perennial Growth is a growth strategy for those with a longer time horizon. However, rather than investing in large companies, Perennial Growth invests in small or midsized companies with significant growth potential in the next 3-5 years.

Specialty Strategies

Passport Select

A strategy for qualified investors that offers differentiated and unique investment options.

Relative Value Fund

This fund may be appropriate for investors seeking a unique way to diversify their portfolios with a differentiated, multi-manager approach.

Strategic Alternative Model

This strategy could be appropriate for those looking to invest in nontraditional assets.

Select Long/Short

Select Long/Short seeks firms with strong margins, high returns on capital, healthy balance sheets and meaningful barriers to entry.

Spectrum Allocation

Pure Market Blend

The Pure Market Blend strategy is a good option for investors who prefer to invest in the U.S. and are looking for investments that perform similarly to well-known domestic stock and bond indices.

Diversified Blend

Similar to the Benchmark strategy, Diversified Blend is a good option for investors looking for global market exposure. The difference is, this strategy is passively managed for those with a long-term investment time horizon.


There are countless options when it comes to global stocks and bonds available to investors. Benchmark is a strategy that gives you a very broad and diverse mix of global investments and performs similarly to the global markets.

Sustainable Impact

The Sustainable Impact Strategy seeks to invest in a portfolio of exchange traded funds (ETFs) whose holdings have a positive environmental, social, governance (ESG) and impact characteristics. The ETFs used incorporate ESG screens or societal impact as part of their construction methodology.

Total Market Tilt

This strategy emphasizes a portfolio with characteristics designed to increase allocations towards key factors.

Global Macro

There are many markets across the world that have significant potential for growth. Global Macro is a strategy that identifies the regions believed to have the most growth opportunity and invests in those areas.


  • Risk adjusted returns through strategic allocations
  • Tactical overlay to adapt to changing markets
  • Tailored for income with moderate growth


Our process for uncovering clients’ True Wealth is thorough, precise and personalized. We call our approach the “Wealth Designed. Life Defined.” process – to help you understand our methodology in helping clients reach a higher purpose with their wealth.

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