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Ronsense: Deeply Grateful For Our Profession

In this #Ronsense video, Ron Carson shares his deep gratitude for our profession and all of the advisors that make it such an amazing, vibrant community. Happy Thanksgiving from Ron & the whole Carson Group team!
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Ronsense: Do What You Know

In this #Ronsense video for financial advisors, Ron Carson addresses the importance of sticking with what you know–and choosing to avoid things that are far outside of what you know–when it comes to investing. This is as true for advisors as it is for investors. Read more


Artificial Intelligence: From Science Fiction to Financial Services

Published by Quin Kilgore

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to visit the Technology Tools for Today conference in Las Vegas. Although many emerging technologies were presented throughout the event, it was the discussion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that really piqued my interest. Poised to become a major disruptor over the next few decades, AI will allow clients to consume and digest more information than ever before. It’s up to advisors to embrace this new technology, utilizing it to create an amazing client experience. Read more



Ronsense: 2017 Carson Gives Day

This #Ronsense video with Ron Carson is live from our annual Carson Gives day. Community involvement is such an important aspect of our firm’s culture. How do you get involved in your local community? Read more



Ronsense: Three Keys to Success

This #Ronsense video for advisors touches on the importance of year end planning to set your team up for success in the upcoming year. It’s important to both celebrate the past year’s accomplishments, as well as focus on the goals for the future. Watch and learn what Ron believes to be the three things that determine success. Read more


CNBC: Bungling this retirement decision could cost you $300,000

Picking the wrong Social Security claiming strategy could cost you, big time.

“This is the single-largest asset many consumers have, and they’re not optimizing it, they’re not getting the maximum income from it,” certified financial planner Ron Carson, founder and CEO of Carson Wealth Management Group, told CNBC. Read more



Ronsense: Investor Insights From Advisory Council

In this #Ronsense video for financial advisors, Ron Carson and Paul West share a sneak peek at the insights gleaned from the 2017 Advisory Council for Carson Wealth Management Group. Read more


Nelly Carson Reviews Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Sometime around 15,000 years ago, a very inspired human saw a dog just like me and said to themselves, “This looks like an amazing best friend.” That person and hundreds of others started to domesticate us as canine companions. But, what they soon realized was that dogs also make amazing coworkers because of our loyalty, intelligence and, dare I say, lovability. Read more


Ronsense: Don’t Miss Out on True Wealth

In this Ronsense video, Ron reminds us to have exactly what we want when we reach the end of our lives: True Wealth. Get to the end and say, “I’m glad I did” not  “I wish I had.”  Read more



Ronsense: Are You Sending Monthly Murder Mysteries?

In this Ronsense, Ron Carson asks advisors to consider whether they are sending their clients murder mysteries on a monthly basis… Read more