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Quarterly Market Outlook – Q1 2018

January 8, 2018

Scott Kubie, Senior Investment Strategist on the Carson Group Partners Investment Committee, presents a year-end update on the markets. Scott will share an assessment of:

  • Macroeconomic trends
  • Fundamental insights on the equity markets
  • Risk analysis & investor sentiment
  • The single most important thing that every advisor should be watching right now

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Ronsense: Nelly, Chief Comfort Officer

Nelly Carson, one of our most important stakeholders, joins Ron in this #Ronsense video. Read more


Fox Business: Where Ron Carson Advises Clients To Buy

See Fox Business’ Varney & Co for where Ron Carson advises clients to buy in the middle of a market rally. Read more

Nelly Carson Brings You the Hard Truth About Resolutions


Nelly Carson Brings You The Hard Truth About Resolutions

If you’ve read my bio (which I’m sure you have), you know that being the Chief Comfort Officer means my job is to boost the spirits of the Carson Group team with my joyful nature and all-around tail-wagging positivity. But, in my 35 years on this planet (5 human years), I’ve realized something very important about those of you who walk upright.  My revelation is this: Sometimes, the best way to support a friend is by hitting them with the cold, hard truth. Read more



Ronsense: Push Yourself (with Blue Apron’s Matt Salzberg)

“Always push yourself,” and other great advice on how to succeed as an entrepreneur in this with Ron Carson and Matt Wadiak of Blue Apron, live from the NCAA football  today!  Read more


Ronsense: Be Prepared (With Kirk Herbstreit)

OUTWORK. Hear how this has helped Announcer Kirk Herbstreit in his own career in this with Ron Carson live from the today! Read more


Ronsense: The Competitive Advantage of Aviation

Hear Ron Carson with Wheels Up Founder Kenny Dichter on the thing that has made him so successful as a serial entrepreneur in this #Ronsense video. Read more


Financial Tips 2018: How to get ahead on taxes, savings and insurance

It’s 2018 and now’s the time to get your finances in order.

To help you and your family make all the right money moves next year, here’s a financial game plan that could help you grow your 401(k), avoid financial ruin and adjust to the new tax rules signed into law by President Trump. Read more


Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, and Distributed Ledger Technology – A Guide for Financial Advisors

Today’s article is by Day Hagan Research: Craig A. Hill, CFP®

If you are a financial advisor, you have surely been asked about Bitcoin. Because of the parabolic rise in price in 2017, there is much hype and interest in the Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency space. Advisors are asked their opinion, but are themselves, by and large, confused about the space as well. This short essay will attempt to give advisors a basic yet conversational understanding of the topic. Read more


RIA Industry Poised for Big Year in M&A

Look for more excitement on the M&A front this year, as deep-pocketed RIAs move to grow through consolidation.

Multi-billion-dollar firms like Savant Capital Management, Mariner Wealth Advisors and Carson Group have built up war chests to compete across a field in which acquirers heavily outnumber their targets. Read more